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Arnold Miniman, owner of Carolina Collector Coins of Johns Island, South Carolina sets up at approximately ten coin shows annually in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Maryland. At these shows he offers a variety of collector coins, both raw and certified by the three major independent grading services, PCGS, NGC and ANACS. He maintains an extensive inventory of Morgan and Peace silver dollars, bullion items, proof sets, mint sets and modern U.S. mint issues. If you have an opportunity to attend any of the shows listed below please stop by to say hello and talk coins. We are always buying at these shows, and will gladly evaluate any coins or currency you may bring with you. Below, I will be periodically commenting on recent events in the hobby and discussing my 40 plus years as a collector and dealer.

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Lower Cape Fear Coin Club show

Where: Elk's Lodge, 5102 Oleander Drive, Wilmingon, NC.

When: Saturday, April 14, 10:00-5:00   Sunday, April 15, 10:00-4:00

Raleigh Money Expo

Where: Exposition Center, NC State Fairgrounds, 1025 Blue Ridge Road, Raleigh, NC

When: Friday, June 8, 10:00-6:00   Saturday, June 9, 10:00-6:00  Sunday, June 10, 10:00-3:00  

January 11, 2018: The 2018 FUN show;
This was our third year as dealers at the annual winter FUN show. It was our second trip to Tampa, a venue that we truly enjoy. The convention center is located by a waterway and our hotel across the street afforded us spectacular views of the harbor. The two preceeding years found me participating in the "Charlotte Consortium" which consisted of a group of dealers, mostly from North Carolina, who shared what can best be described as a "pod". It was crowded, and we ended up with about 2-3 feet of space on the back table. So this year we decided to get our own table, and we are glad we did. There was plenty of elbow room and storage space.
As it turned out we were lucky to make it to the convention center on Wednesday. The snow and ice storm that hit the southeast that day made I95 in Georgia seem like an ice skating rink. There were accidents everywhere. At one point we were driving at a speed of 20-25 mph in the left lane so if we went into a skid we would impact the guard rail, rather than going off the road and down an embankment like so many cars did. It was a hair raising trip, that didn't get any easier once we left I95 and entered Interstate 4 near Daytona Beach. It seems the entire highway through Orlando is under construction.
Anyway, we arrived at the convention center around 4:30 pm, registered and began the set-up process. By the time we finished we were so tired (having left home at 5:15 am) that we went straight to the hotel bar, had a drink and a quick dinner.
It was unseasonably cold in Tampa on Thursday morning. About 300 dealers and I entered the bourse floor at 8:30 and the craziness began. We were located at table 215. In all there were 19 rows of dealers so we wondered if anyone would even find us. Well, many of the early birds started at row 1 and worked their way around the bourse. So we were busy from the start and, I am happy to say, we stayed busy through most of Thursday and Friday.
There are many positives to being at the FUN show, First, Cindy Wibker, the convention coordinator, works tirelessly to see that everything runs smoothly. And she does a great job. The show is very dealer friendly and the Tampa convention center actually has decent food options (although most of the rest rooms were closed for upgrading, which made going to the bathroom a hike).
Second, true collectors flock to the show looking for new material. This was so apparant when a gentlemen came to our table, saw a $5 Classic head from the Charlotte mint, and fell in love with it. He actually returned two more times before he got my attention and made a deal for the coin.
Third, there is a lot of material available. When we used to attend the FUN show as collectors we felt like kids in a candy store. There is always so much to see that you wind up spending more than you wanted to. At this show we were able to fill some holes and buy some nice type coins. In fact it got to the point that by Saturday we avoided going to other dealer tables at the risk of being tempted to buy more material.
To us the show was a great success. Not only were we able to consumate strong sales and purchases, but (and this is number four) we had the chance to spend time with dealer friends who we don't get to see very often. On Thursday we had a wonderful dinner with a friend and his wife from Colorado Springs, on Friday it was with a friend from Milwaukee and on Saturday we joined a friend from Maryland. Next year it's back to Orlando. We hope to see you there.
October 14, 2017: MY ONLY ONE DAY SHOW:;
There are 3 one day shows in South Carolina, Camden, Columbia and Aiken. I normally avoid setting up at one day shows for a very simple reason. It requires a lot of work! One day shows normally don't have dealer set-up on the preceeding day, so dealers have two options. The first is to drive to the show location the day before the show. This allows us to get a reasonable nights sleep  before a relatively short drive to the show. Dealers are usually permitted to set-up two hours before the show opens to the public. The second option (for me anyway) is to wake up really early and drive approximately 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours depending on the traffic and whether I am going to Camden, Columbia or Aiken. Assuming the bourse is open to the public from 9:00-5:00 this means leaving home around 4:30 am, arrive at the venue around 7:00, unload my vehicle, and frantically fill my display cases, all before the doors are open. Then try to do business until late afternoon, break down the cases, load my vehicle and try to be on the road by 5:30, arriving home somewhere between 8 and 9 o'clock.
After much consideration I decided to set-up at Aiken and skip the other one day shows. There are a number of reasons for this. First, Aiken is a charming town. My wife and I have friends there so we combine business with pleasure when we go. Second, the show chair, Steve Kuhl does a wonderful job and has created a dealer friendly environment. He really makes you feel as though you are welcome there. So our routine has been to drive to Aiken on Friday, check into our motel, have dinner with friends and get a good night's sleep. The ride the following morning from the motel to the H. Odell Weeks Activity Center takes no more than 10 minutes. This year was a little different than most since Hurricane Irma was hitting the Florida Keys the day before the show and there was a possibility that the show would be cancelled. Well it wasn't but the turnout was lighter than it might have been if the weather were less threatening. 
The show is held in a gymnasium where basketball games are played. Behind my table were bleacher seats folded against the wall. The baskets were pulled up on either end of the room. And the floor was covered with mats, presumably to protect a hardwood floor. The dealers are spread out by the walls creating a large open space in the middle of the room. Believe me, this set-up is unique!