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HOW IT ALL STARTED (recap): When I started blogging about a year ago one of my entries was how I became involved with the coin hobby. Well, that entry was deleted, along with the other blog entries when this site was revised. Back in 1968 I began my law school education in Washington, DC. I obtained a part-time job as a teller in a bank in Silver Spring, Maryland. At that time I knew nothing about coins, other than they were for spending. The tellers instructed me to pull all the silver coins from circulation, explaining that the Mint stopped using silver in dimes and quarters after 1964, and those coins were now more valuable. This got my curiosity going and I began to realize that older coins had different designs, such as Buffalo nickels and Mercury dimes.

There was a coin shop in Silver Spring known as Bonanza Coins. It still exists and back then it was owned by Al Bonan. I started going to the store when I had some spare time and Al was a wonderful mentor. He took the time to teach me about the hobby and sold me my first "Guide Book of United States Coins", commonly known as the "Red Book". I probably spent more time going through that book than my Contract Law Book. This was much more interesting to me. I discovered a series known as "classic commemorative" coins, and fell in love with their distinct designs. I bought my first commemoratives at Bonanza Coins, and still have one in my collection. It was the start of a love affair that has continued to this day.








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